1. Rachel Colla

    One Life – No Time to Waste

    How often have we heard the cliche “life’s too short”... and then after smiling and wholeheartedly agreeing we simply carry on ‘just surviving’ or coasting through life as if we have all the time in the world to leave our mark. We’ve all had those experiences – the tragic events...
  2. Rachel Colla

    Welcome to Merakai

    Welcome to Merakai – a community of people dedicated to breaking out of the ‘cult of average’ to create extraordinary lives. The word extraordinary is rich in meaning for our movement partly because when broken in half it becomes extra-ordinary. Our strongest belief is that to live a happy, fulfilled,...
  3. Rachel Colla

    Passionate Career Toolkit

    Does Your Work Make You Happy? Join our community dedicated to doing work that makes us come ALIVE! Get the Free Passionate Work Toolkit: 27 Questions to Find Your Passion Does Your Work Actually Matter Workbook The Should I Quit Test A New Article Delivered Every Week Click here to...
  4. Rachel Colla

    Becoming An Optimistic Disturber with Des Penny

    Become an Optimistic Disturber “An optimistic disturber is someone who gets disturbed about ‘creating a better way’, not about minor, insignificant issues that do not move a situation forward. A person that pushes the boundaries, challenges most things, especially fads, and believes that to make things happen they must be...

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