Programs for Companies

The Merakai series of programs for companies are designed to help companies unlock the untapped potential in their teams.

In consultation with you, we will design a tailored suite of programs with the specific aim of assisting you to create an environment that engages your team more fully and help you be at the leading edge in organisational health and well-being.

Purpose, Passion & Profits Program

A tailored program for organisations designed to help them engage their workforce and lift their customer service and sales performance to a ‘wow’ level.

A study of some of the top performing global organisations such as Apple, Google, and Zappos, demonstrates the power in having absolute clarity about the purpose of the business and a clear strategy to engage their staff in that vision; so much so that they take ownership of the profitability and success of the company.

In fact, it is a commonly held belief today that the only unique competitive advantage that any company has is its people.

This program is designed to ensure that you are capitalising on that unique competitive advantage to propel your organisation to an elite level.

If you would like to learn more about how you can better engage your team to achieve your goals for exceptional performance then click here to schedule your complimentary one-hour consultation.



Five Ways to Wellbeing Program

Beyond resiliency lies a sense of wellbeing, one that not only allows staff to bounce back from challenges but to thrive personally and perform at their best.

This workshop explores the 5 evidence-based ways to develop a workplace environment that enables teams to flourish.

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The Power of Positive Energisers Program

There is an untapped energy source in our business!

This workshop will assist leaders to identify the positive energisers in their teams and more importantly how they can unlock the untapped potential in their staff to create a great workplace environment.

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heart and handsLeading With Grit & Grace Program

This workshop draws on the science of Positive Organisational Scholarship to assist leaders develop a dual lens to take their performance to another level.

In this workshop we will examine strategies to cultivate the grit needed to push through challenges in the attainment of goals; together with an exploration of when it is time to quit and when is time to push through.

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Work-Life Integration Packages

People spend a substantial part of their lives working and undoubtedly the quality of their workplace experience is inevitably reflected in the quality of their lives.

With an increasing focus on ways to enhance the health and well-being of their employees, many organisations are developing strategies to improve the ‘work-life balance’ of their team.

However, we would like to flip that concept on its head! Work-life balance has become the ‘holy grail’ of today’s employees – a goal that is next to impossible to achieve, certainly if we are talking about the old formula for balance of 8 hours of work / 8 hours of play / 8 hours of rest.

If organisations and their teams instead strive for work-life integration, where staff are happy with the way in which their work integrates and compliments their life, we are much more likely to create a healthy and fulfilled workforce.

This tailored package of services is designed to help organisations provide clarity and direction to their staff to help them create a sense of work-life integration.

A program that directly impacts on the health and well-being not just of the individuals but also by extension to the organisation.

Packages can include:

    • Consultation to organisational leaders
    • Workshops for staff and/or leaders
    • Individual consultation to staff, incorporating Simon Sinek’s ‘Why University’ program
    • Dream Manager program – individual goal-setting and achievement programs

Click here to learn more about how these services could help your team find a way to pour their creativity, love and soul into their work to create a happier, healthier and more productive workplace.

Speaking Engagements

Speaking Engagements

Looking for a keynote speaker to inspire and engage your team at one of your next events?

Then contact the Merakai team to determine if they are the right fit for your business.

Speaking engagements include a complete consultation with the organisation to ensure that the message is tailored to your specific audience.

If your team are ready to be challenged out of their comfort zones, re-inspired by your purpose and ready for some practical tools to start actioning immediately then we may be the right fit for you.

For further information on areas of expertise click here to view Founding Director Rachel Colla’s bio.




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