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The Merakai series of programs for schools are designed to assist the entire school community; from students, to teachers and families; to create a climate of possibility that engages and drives student achievement.

From the unique programs designed specifically for students in Years 6 -12 to unlock their untapped potential and begin designing their study and career choices to express this; to the complete suite of programs designed for the school community to create an environment that supports this development; you will be well equipped to set your school apart from the crowd.

This series of programs utilise the principles of positive psychology, optimal performance and creativity in education to assist schools to reach their potential in their mission to create a school environment that allows students to shine.


Positive Education Implementation Consulting

Can Positive Education be embedded in the school system so it doesn’t just become ‘another program’ that teachers need to take on board?

How can we create sustainable and lasting change for the wellbeing of our students, staff and families?

Merakai Consulting is uniquely placed to assist you to address these big questions and create a meaningful change program for your school community.  Click here to learn how we are uniquely placed to support you in this process.

chris-hepburn-the-great-ridge-pathway-mam-tor-hope-valley-castleton-peak-district-national-park-derbyshireHope Labs Program

We spend significant time in schools, and indeed in life, discovering and preparing for ‘what’ we want to do. But how much time do we dedicate to learning about and determining ‘who’ we want to be?  Discovering what matters most to you allows you to develop a strong sense of identity and purpose, which can spark you to take hopeful action. Unfortunately, less than half (48%) of students surveyed in Australia’s 2016 Gallup Poll could be classified as being ‘hopeful’ – meaning they have abundant ideas and energy for the future.

While we have developed many strategies to improve students’ self-control and will power to succeed, have we missed a key opportunity to unlock the uplifting and motivating energy of hope?  Hope works because it broadens our thinking and fuels our persistence.

This program takes students on a journey from uncovering how they can use their strengths and talents to fuel their sense of purpose, but then importantly develops key strategies to bring this to life.

Utilising a model that is designed to develop 21st Century learning competencies, such as collaboration, creativity, problem-solving, critical thinking and communication, this program will allow students to develop both the motivation and clear pathways to their future.

The program is also specifically designed to build connections and community, as research shows that meaning is derived from giving to other people; from moving beyond an ego-system and into an eco-system.

Click here to learn more about how the Hope Labs program can ignite the fire for your Year 10 – Year 12 students.


I Am Possible Program

ImPossible Programs

Children are born with an incredible belief in their creativity and ability to create the life of their dreams.

They believe that anything is possible and that they deserve to be happy and fulfilled… and then unfortunately something happens along their journey that slowly quashes that creative and optimistic outlook.

This program is designed to reawaken that creative and generative spirit and help students to determine the steps they will need to take to create a pathway for their own success.

Based on the tenets of positive psychology and utilising some of the key principles from the study of optimal performance, this program is designed to assist students in Year 6 – Year 9 to uncover their gifts and passionate interests and begin determining a pathway where these can be expressed through their studies and career opportunities.

This program is offered in-house to schools looking to break out of the ‘cult of average’ by providing complimentary programs to their existing curriculum that ignite students’ belief in their own ability to reach greatness.

Click here to learn more about whether this might be the right fit for your school improvement plans.

Reaching Your Potential Package

Human life is inherently creative – we all create our own lives through imaging possibilities. The role of education is to awaken this creative process and provide students with the tools to build a strong foundation to generate these possibilities

These individually tailored packages are designed to assist schools to create a climate of possibility for their students, teachers and families in their community.

Teachers are the life-blood of a successful education – they mentor, stimulate, provoke, engage and light the spark of curiosity for their students – but they also rely on school leaders, parents and the students themselves to support this process.

This suite of programs take a holistic approach to supporting the growth and learning of students to reach their potential, through providing programs to the leadership group, teachers, students and parents.

Click here to discover more about how this approach could compliment your goals to set your school apart from the pack in providing unique opportunities to your school community.


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