Innovative training program

"We are delighted that a chance meeting with Rachel Colla twenty months ago has led to the introduction of an innovative training program. The brief was simple; assist us to equip our staff with the skills to provide a positive work place and excellence in service. Since we have partnered with Rachel we have noticed a shift in our staffs' attitude and motivation which has improved performance and sales. Our team at Bowra & O'Dea are more engaged and committed to excellence, where taking responsibility is becoming the norm. Rachel's hands on approach has certainly enhanced her teaching style, as employees feel they are having a say in the way their workplace is evolving. I look forward to continued interaction with Rachel and the energy she demonstrates to all at Bowra & O'Dea."
Joe O'Dea - Managing Director,
Bowra & O'Dea

Enlightening, challenging and engaging

"Rachel Colla is an inspiring researcher, academic and practitioner in the field of Positive Psychology. As a student in this field, and a practitioner in education I have found her keynote presentations and one on one guidance to be enlightening, challenging and engaging. Her work on Hope theory, and how this applied to the world in which we live is incredibly relevant, and her presentation style is exciting, warm, encouraging and mindful. It is my absolute pleasure every time I have the opportunity to work with, learn from, and engage with Rachel in the field of Positive Psychology."
Tegan Bayliss - Secondary Teacher,
Waverley College

Designed successful program within constraints of school environment

"In 2016 Emmaus College engaged the services of Merakai and specifically Rachel Colla to design and run a Positive Education program for our Year 7 & 8 students. With anxiety and depression a real concern for teenagers, many of our students embraced what positive psychology offers. Rachel Colla was highly professional to deal with and was able to design a program which catered for our students within the constraints of our school environment. I would have no hesitation in recommending Merakai and Rachel Colla for future programs working with young people around positive wellbeing."
Stephen Willis - Middle House Leader,
Emmaus College

Leader and teacher

"Rachel exemplifies all that makes the best of an executive manager. She is a leader and teacher who commands an understanding of business and can apply that knowledge to the mutual benefit of the organisation and the customer."
Jeff Sterba - Director of Operations,

Do business with people who believe what we believe

"Thank you for the brilliant Purpose, Passion & Profits presentation. I truly enjoyed every minute of it. All the topics, subjects and discussions are the exact reasons I’ve not only owned and operated small businesses but now that I’m back in sales, prefer to deal with small business owners. My favorite line - Do business with people who believe what we believe."
Simon Bartlett - Sales Executive,
ACC Higgins

Improving processes and motives

"Rachel Colla presented at the 26th Annual ACCA Conference at Rydges Lakeside Hotel in Canberra on Wednesday 25th September. Her presentation to delegates on 'Leadership in Times of Rapid Change' was well received and thought provoking at times. Rachel is an interactive speaker with a positive yet challenging approach. Someone who will help delegates to question their processes and motives, with a view to improving both where possible."
Chris Harrington - Executive Officer,
Australasian Cemeteries & Crematoria Association (ACCA)


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