Welcome to Merakai – dedicated to helping people reach their potential, to live fulfilled and inspired lives!

Our belief is that to live a happy, fulfilled, and meaningful life then we need to find a way to express our ‘ordinary’ selves to the best of our ability – to learn, develop and utilise our unique gifts, talents and passions to make a difference in this world.

In fact, Merakai comes from the Greek word meaning to ‘pour yourself, your love, your creativity and your soul into your work so that it becomes an expression of you’.

We are currently living through an incredible time in history – one where there are unlimited opportunities before us, and yet so many of us experience that as overwhelming and this can stifle our creativity and ability to choose a pathway that serves us. We end up on the ‘treadmill of life’ and are not really sure if its the right path for us or how to get off.

However, human life is inherently creative – we all create our own lives through imagining possibilities.

Our challenge is to surround ourselves with people and environments that awaken this creative process and challenge us to create our own story.

The Merakai series of programs and resources are designed to help you unlock that process for yourself, your staff and/or your students so that you can inspire greatness and create a dent in your universe.


Merakai Pty Ltd | ABN: 19 155 634 482 | PO Box 6109, Vermont South VIC 3133 | info@merakai.com.au

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